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Finding hard to get used Austin engines? Do not worry anymore as we are here to provide high quality second hand Austin engines.

Austin Motor Company is an automobile company having its headquarter in Longbridge, UK. Established in 1905, the company has a very strong foothold in its mother country and also globally. Herbert Austin was the founder of the company and so the company is named after its founder. Some of the top vehicle models of the company are the Austin Seven (1922 - 1939), Austin A35, Austin Mini, Austin Maxi, Austin Allegro, Austin Ambassador. Though the Austin Company was discontinued in 1987, they concentrated on manufacturing not just cars but also London taxis, ambulances, military vehicles, aircraft and also other commercial vehicles.

About Our Services: is the best niche to purchase high quality, reliable, low mileage used engines at a very affordable rate. Our inventory holds second hand engines for various car models - either for newly launched vehicles or even for very old model cars but still in use. You are not limited with only a few options to choose used engines from. Instead our second hand engine suppliers’ network is very wide to pick the best fit for your car.

The Key Factors which makes you to Consider Our Portal are:

  • Reliability: We are not just using this word for business. Instead, we focus solely to give high quality engine replacements and so you will end up in getting reliable products at the end of the day. We emphasize quality and so we purchase engines from the suppliers only after checking it completely. And so, your vehicle's durability is surely increased after fitting the second hand engine that was purchased in this portal.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Any business can survive among the strong competitors in the industry only through getting good customer bonding. Without customers, we are not here. And we value the customer-business relationship and being loyal to all of our clients. What do we do to achieve this? Yes we strictly abide to our word of commitment. We encourage no delayed delivery of second hand engines that have been purchased from us, faultless engines for good durability and customer support in any part of the purchase process. Thus we get good customer feedback and reviews till date.
  • Reasonable Price in the Industry: We can realize that our customers are spending their hard earned money to buy quality used engines. And so, to bring happy customers, we offer reliable engines at low cost. You can directly compare the price of the engines in the market, before purchase.
  • Excellent Warranty Package: When it comes to warranty, what difference can you note between and other online portals that offer used engines? Our warranty coverage policy is straight-forward which has no hidden restrictions as like many other competitors. If in case of queries, you can contact our executives for further clarifications.
  • Safety Packing While Shipping: Our customers are not restricted to just one locality. We have customers all over the country. Therefore we give utmost care in packing the purchased second hand engines. And you will safely get the package at your door steps. If you find any damages during the shipping then contact our office for further process.

Some of the Popular Used Austin Engines:

Austin A35:

This is a compact vehicle suitable for small families. This car division was sold from 1956 - 1968. The A-Series I4 engine was used for this vehicle model, however with varying capacity to improve the vehicle's performance. From 1956 till 1962, 949cc engine was utilized which was capable of producing 34HP for 4,750 rpm. The auto company focused to give the maximum of its effort to manufacture high quality engines of that time.

Austin A40:

Surprisingly, the company established many car segments with the same name due to the efficiency of the engine. To name a few of it - Austin A40 Dorset, Austin A40 Devon, Austin A40 Countryman (estate car), Austin A40 Van, Austin A40 pickup truck, Austin A40 Sports and many more. Though the launching years vary, the engine model used was the same.

Austin Ambassador:

This is a large vehicle compact for big families which was launched in 1982. This car division is the successor of the Austin Princess vehicle model. Though this car model was discontinued within two years of its launch, the engine of this vehicle was versatile. Amazingly some of these car segments are still being used by people on roads because of its reliable engine quality.

Things to Remember While Purchasing Second Hand Austin Engines:

These days, 9 out of 10 people prefer to travel via private vehicles rather than opting any other commutation. And undoubtedly, a car is considered as the ultimate choice which also makes the journey exciting and fun-filled with family members. Moreover you may be a sporty person, like to race or seek adventure while driving. Whatever may be the reason, you love car shopping and similarly irrespective of the car brand, the car components will become faulty over the period of time. And while talking about the Austin engines, it is kind of an outdated vehicle model which stopped its manufacturing several years ago. And therefore it will be tough for you to find the engine replacement. And for this reason, it is highly impractical for you to search the second hand Austin engine in every junkyard dealer in the country. One simple and good initiative to find Austin engine replacement is filling the enquiry form in this portal.

This is really glad news for people who have tough times in searching for used Austin engines. Gone are the days, where you must locate the junkyard and visit the place directly then enquire about the requirement. You must move searching on another junkyard if the previous one is not the right fit. Just open your laptop or desktop, go online and visit Give the specific details about your vehicle including the VIN, manufactured year and model details. By doing so, you are relaxed from the job of searching the right engine for your Austin vehicle. You will get the details about the engine match that we have in our inventory. You need not worry even if we don’t have it currently, our technical staff can arrange the correct second hand engine match within very short duration, as our engine suppliers’ network is very large comparatively.

Why not to avail our return policy if required? And YES. As like the warranty policy, our return policy is also provided for customers’ benefits. If you feel that the second hand Austin engine that you purchased is not the right match for your vehicle then you can return it within 15 days of time.

Wrapping things together, is the best place where you can get the right engine replacement for any of the Austin vehicles that you own.

What We Insist Our Customers?

We take 100% safety measures for the used engines maintenance that we have in our inventory. However we also request the customers to double check it for their benefits. Though buying the second hand Austin engine is easy in our portal, it is not just one step process. You must check the engine quality for getting long lasting experience.

  • Check for any oil leaks: What will happen if the engine oil is leaking? Simple, all the engine oil that you have refilled will leak within the engine components and get wasted. And you must repeatedly refill the engine oil, which is a waste of money. What we usually do is, check for oil leakage while getting it from the supplier and secondly service all the engine components and refill the engine oil for maintenance purposes. Later we handle it for you with great safety pro.
  • Check whether the engine components are in good condition: We do not encourage ourselves in buying a faulty engine which is of no use for us and also for our customers. But you must also ensure the same from us. By doing so, you will end up in getting satisfaction of buying a great engine replacement for your Austin vehicle.
  • If required you can also hire mechanical assistance along with you while purchasing the used engines. By this way, you will also get to know about the engine’s mechanism (If you are not aware of it previously) and it will also help you to find the right used engine match for your vehicle.

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