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Dodge made a huge jump in the Consumer Reports reliability rankings this year, climbing a whopping 13 spots from last year's 21st place to number eight on the list. That tends to put the horsepower-loving brand well ahead of any other American car manufacturer.However, these statistics can be quite deceiving, since most of the vehicles in the Dodge stable have been around for such a long time, suggesting that Dodge had to iron out some kinks or problems for over a decade.Models such as the Challenger, Charger, Grand Caravan, and yes, even the Durango, are pre-recession cars, ensuring they have cruised to the original model for the last 11 years with only slight tweaks.

Used Dodge Engine for Sale has a comprehensive list of junkyards to help you hunt for used Dodge engines for sale . Don't waste hours looking around for used Dodge engines junkyards when you can submit your regular Dodge engine order. If you're driving a Dodge Model, Dodge Ram 1500, or a Dodge Charger, it doesn't matter, we will help you find a used Dodge engine. Used Dodge engines will still cost less than a remanufactured Dodge engine, which is a perfect green option when trying to get your vehicle back on the road.

At we can help you find the used dodge engine at great prices from rescue yards, recyclers, and engine brokers. Sometimes different companies can advertise different engines for sale at highly discounted prices. So if you're looking for your vehicle's used dodge engine, search our online database to see which dodge engine was used.

Check while Buying A Used Dodge Engine

Looking for a Used Dodge Engine

Finding a good, quality used dodge engine can be more difficult than finding an intact used car. If the car is complete, you can test it to drive it. While you can run the engine on a test bench, it can be hard to guess how much power it gives. A worn-out engine may seem to be running well but shut down as soon as it is connected to a real-world load. But, on the other hand, the engine that won't start can have nothing but minor things.

Your first step to buying a used dodge engine should be to determine what kind of engine is compatible with the car you're building. It needs to be the right size to fit into the engine bay and match the car's transmission properly.You have to have a couple of motors that are a specialized match on your waitlist and investigate each to then appropriately pass judgment on the sort of condition it's in. It is very possible, even probable to save money with used dodge engines. If you judge the condition of an engine incorrectly, you have to wipe out all your savings. Here are a few simple tests that you can run to see if a used dodge engine is worth buying.

Before you even attempt to start the used dodge engine

Your first step assessing an used Dodge engine's condition should be to look over it for signs of oil leakage. Nevertheless not every leak is bad news. Minor leaks on engines from the 60s and 70s can be considered normal. Some people try to gauge an engine's condition simply by checking out the dipstick with the engine oil.If they see black sludge on the dipstick, it's a sign that the owner has been careless. An used dodge engine with suspiciously clean oil, however, could be an attempt by the owner to look more conscientious .

You've got other ways to judge a motor by its oil. If the oil on its dipstick contains a whitish-grey color, it is also a sign that the oil sump is entered by water from leaks in the engine casing. If they mention a particularly vicious grade like 20W-50, you can take it as a sign of some kind of leakage on the used dodge engine. People only need to use viscous oil when they have trouble keeping thinner oils from leaking.

Start the used dodge engine

If the starter engine produces a grinding or whining sound, the flywheel is likely to have worn out teeth. An used dodge engine like this is no good unless you have a cheap starter engine lined up.If the engine appears to be rising and falling in pitch while idling, it may be a sign that the cylinders are worn.You have to keep a close watch on the exhaust color. If it is bluish, then it is a sign that the seals on the valve guide are worn.

Perform a few simple tests on the used dodge engine

To see what they look like you should try removing the spark plugs. If they slick with oil or have a white residue buildup, this indicates that the used dodge engine is having an oil control problem.

Verify the mileage

You can run as long as you have the VIN number, so pull one yourself if they don't want to provide one. Check the mileage, if there was an accident in the vehicle, and if there is a salvage title to it.

Acquire used dodge engine details

Get all the details about the used dodge engine and the warranty information. An important question is whether the engine is a block short or a block long..

Dodge Engines Are Some Of The Best Around

3.6L Pentastar V6

Perhaps one of today's most impressive standard engines out there, this impressive little award winner powered the Charger and Challengers base level as well as an option available on the Durango, Journey, and previously the Grand Caravan models. With a great 292 hp and a force of 260 lb.- ft, this noteworthy standard motor is the able establishment for all other astonishing Dodge motors, setting the bar very high contrasted with its rivals. And booting at up to 31 miles per gallon of the highway is pretty efficient.

5.7L Hemi V8

Probably one of the most popular out there options, the 5.7L Hemi comes as an option on the Charger, Challenger, and Durango R / T styles as well as powering most of the Dodge RAM truck lineup. With an impressive output of 370 horsepower and 395 lb.-ft torque, this engine is more than capable of easily embarking on the track – and will not suck up gas, boasting an impressive fuel economy of 25 mpg highway.

1.4L MultiAir Turbo

However, if it is the efficiency you want, Dodge is there to supply the impressively economical 1.4L MultiAir Turbo engine, capable of an incredible 41 miles per gallon highway and available on the new Dodge Dart Aero. This profoundly productive machine can even now siphon up to 160 hp and move you on to your next extraordinary experience directly past the gas siphon.

Viper V10

We were expecting the new Dodge Viper to whip forward like a snake attacking its prey and it does just that thanks to the amazing Viper V10 engine. This handcrafted engine is built just for this amazing performance model and with ten cylinders working full steam this impressive block can push out an amazing 645 horsepower and 600 lb.-ft torque for one amazing ride worthy of the Viper name..

6.2L Hellcat V8

When Dodge needed an engine to power his most powerful, agile car ever, there was no other option than making something out there that was truly unparalleled by anything else. Enter the 6.2L Hemi SRT Hellcat V8 supercharged engine which is currently powering the awesome new Dodge Charger and Challenger Hellcat models..

Understanding Your Engine

You must understand the fundamentals of engine failure before you start searching for used dodge engines.What Are Engine Failure Signs?Even if you don't understand exactly how your engine works if you know what to look for it can be easy to tell when it's failing.

Understanding Your Engine

  • Check Engine Light: This is the best way to tell your engine that something isn't quite right. It is time to go to a mechanic and figure out what is going on when the check engine light comes on.
  • Odd Noises: Popping, grinding, backfiring, hissing, clanking all of these sounds (and any other suspicious noises) can be signs of a serious engine problem.
  • Stalling: If you've ever had to restart your car at a stoplight because it just refuses to accelerate, then you know how frustrating it can be. Stalling can sadly be a sign that your engine needs repair or replacement.
  • Jerking and Surging: If your car starts jerking, jerking, or shaking while you're driving, your engine is likely to be malfunctioning, and a professional will need to assess it.
  • Suspicious Smells: A noticeable scent of burning rubber, exhaust, or smoke (especially if you can detect them while inside the car) can be clear indicators of engine trouble.
  • Smoke: Don't ignore it when your car starts spewing smoke. Blue smoke may signal oil leaking to places it shouldn't be, while white smoke may indicate water condensation or antifreeze entering fuel supply. If either issue remains untreated, it could result in irreversible damage to the engine.

You must understand the fundamentals of engine failure before you start searching for used dodge engines.What Are Engine Failure Signs?Even if you don't understand exactly how your engine works if you know what to look for it can be easy to tell when it's failing.

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