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We can connect the vehicle's motor with the human brain. Though all the parts of the body are significant, the brain assists other body parts to function properly. Similarly, the engine will direct the other components of the vehicle and assist to commute from one place to another. Thus one cannot take the engine failure light hearted.

There are a lot of factors that say repairing the vehicle’s engine is a waste of time. If the engine takes more time to repair as the complexity of the failure is higher, you can choose a replacement option rather than engine repair. Secondly, if the cost of the repair is equal to buying an engine then taking the replacement choice is best.

There are many symptoms that help car owners to predict the engine failure. The motor will show some knocking noise when it gets overheated due to crankshaft failure or coolant problem. The other common symptoms are oil leakage, more fuel consumption and timing belt problem etc. If this is the case, the engine requires repair or replacement as quickly as possible to the vehicle owner to continue using it. Sometimes, the engine will cross the repairing conditions due to age or more mileage used so the only left out option is replacement. Yet replacement can also be classified into new engine replacement, used engine replacement or replacing via rebuilt engine.

Why must one buy used engines for vehicles instead of rebuilt engines?

For this, one must know what is rebuilt engines? In rebuilt engines, the experts will remove the damaged components from old engines of the vehicle and replace it with new ones. Therefore except the newly replaced motor components, the others will remain old. After purchasing these rebuilt engines, eventually the older engine components will start to show problems. This is greater risk for money invested as you need to purchase another engine soon after the purchase of rebuilt engines. However the rebuilt engine dealers will only speak of one side of the truth that new components are replaced and the engine will last for a longer duration. But the old components will surely cause troubles which remain hidden from customers.

On the other hand, used engines are pulled from vehicles that are no longer in use. Those engines can be of less mileage or over utilized engines (with mileage more than 100,000 miles). Usually the vehicles will run smoothly until it reaches 100,000 miles and after that they will start problems. And if one selects the good low mileage used engines then it gives greater benefits for the buyers.

In comparison in terms of cost, the rebuilt engines are cheaper than new motors. However the cost of rebuilt engines and used engines will be more or less the same with no major difference. Then why should one purchase an rebuilt engine that is least in reliability rather than opting reliable used engines?

What are the benefits of Used Engines?

It is not mandatory that all the new engines will work well. Sometimes immediately after purchase, the engine may show fault. Therefore it must be tested prior purchase. But pre-owned engines are already tested by the previous owners for a few miles. Thus used engines are a trust-worthy option for engine replacement.

Used engines are environmentally friendly and by buying the second hand engines, you are contributing to the environment too. Let us see this in detail. Usually while a vehicle is manufactured, it emits carbon dioxide which pollutes the environment via global warming effects. To keep this in control, the automobile industry also concentrated on manufacturing green engines like internal combustion engines and electric engines. Via these green engines, the damage caused for the environment comes in control. Globally, many countries prefer selling green cars for this reason and auto brands also focus on the same. Based on the same concept, the "used engines" were also in trend in modern days. The time, energy, man-power are all saved via used engines. Adding to this, the automobile industry is saving the environment from carbon dioxide by selling reliable used engines.

We cannot forget the cost saving strategy that one can obtain through used engines. Let us compare low cost used engines with over rated new engines. Which one do you prefer? According to the suggestions given by experts, the new engines have fresh components that run for a longer time. You can utilize the engine starting from zero miles till its end of life. But the cost of it is double the time higher than the used engines which will also provide the niche benefits. For example, you are choosing the used engine for which the mileage is 20,000 miles then after purchase (with less amount of money) you can very well utilize it till 100,000 miles with peace of mind. Doesn’t this sound good for you?

Many people think that warranty of the used engines have expired and so they cannot get any help from the auto manufacturers. But that is not so, the dealer from whom you are purchasing the used engines will provide you a good warranty package and extended warranty if required. For this, you must choose a reliable dealer. Many reputed dealers who are into this industry for longer time can understand the loopholes and provide great warranty coverage for one year, 6 months warranty for engine components or labour warranty or sometimes life time warranty too.

From where and how to buy used engines?

Certainly reputable dealers can provide good engines at affordable rates. Look at the reviews online to choose such a reliable dealer. Though the initial process takes some time, it is worth doing it to buy a healthy engine. After finding the dealer, ask about the specific engine that you are looking for. You must be more specific with your requirement as the auto industry is large and similarly used engines industry is also big where there are lots of chances for you to get diverted from the requirement. Instead of the needed engine model, if you purchase some other motor type, it won’t fit for your vehicle ending in waste of money. Therefore, have the VIN number of the vehicle, engine model details that you are searching for.

After this first phase, you can enter into the second phase of selecting the used engines by checking its quality. Here are a few niche tips to check the quality of the second hand engines.

  • Usually dealers try to hide the service record or the maintenance record of the used engines as it is hard to pull it from junkyards. However it is really good, if you could get it from them where you can get to know completely about the used engine's maintenance history - whether the engine has undergone proper service, is the engine oil changed as per the user manual, whether the second hand engines have met any major or minor accidents and been repaired etc. These details will help you to filter the pre-owned engines and pick the one that is really good in quality. For example, if the engine doesn't meet the service even once before reaching the junkyard then you can simply neglect that and try to find out some other used engine that suits your vehicle. This will end in burning your wallet if you purchase the poorly maintained engines.
  • Inspecting the engine under the hood is mandatory for decision making. Sometimes, the engine will visually look perfectly fine but when it is put for a test drive to check its reliability the quality is a great question mark. Check for oil leaks underneath since they are not visible directly. Though the dealer may convince that oil leaks are common engine problems and it can be rectified with low or free of cost, that will not be the situation all the time. The oil leakage can also cause major damage to the engine. For example, due to overheating of the engine (either due to coolant failure or crankcase malfunction) the oil leak can happen. And this is unusual which directly specifies that the heat controlling system of the used engine is faulty. Many times you might feel that checking the second hand engines is tricky and to simplify the process you can hire the expert nearby your locality and ask him to check the engine from the dealer.
  • You may forget to check the timing belt or timing chain of the engine. The automobile industry recommends the customers to change the timing chain after the vehicle reaches 70,000 miles. You can check the replacement of the timing belt via the sticker that is visible above the engine. If you couldn’t find it then enquire about the timing belt to the dealer. If you find these specifications and ask for replacement prior to purchase, some genuine dealers will accept the request and do the necessity. Or else, you will notice problems after the purchase and it will reduce the peace of mind.

Final words about the used engines. You need not get confused with the myths that some people tell about the problems in second hand engines. Just follow the above given instructions to get the better used engine for the vehicle.

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