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We, at the Buy Cheap Engine niche, offer high quality used Hyundai engines at affordable rates. Reliability is the prime factor to note while buying used engines from dealers. And we completely understand it and provide used engines only based on your requirements with utmost sales transparency.

Due to the emerging trend and demand for used engines, many dealers have started to sell it irrespective of its quality and warranty constraints. It is however your responsibility to pick the dealer who is reliable and who can understand the customer’s requirement. If you are highly confused in finding the right dealer then stop worrying for it, since you have landed in the correct niche to offer you used Hyundai engines with the specified details.

You might wonder why used engines? Here are some benefits listed below:

  • Undoubtedly, it is available at an affordable rate. When comparing the price of new car engines vs. used engines, the latter is cheaper. Then you need not hesitate to buy a high quality product that is readily available for a pocket friendly price.
  • Buying used engines is an eco-friendly method of saving the environment. Do you know how this is possible? To explain this in a simple way, manufacturing the new vehicle is time consuming and expensive. However instead of buying a new engine for an already used vehicle, you can just buy a used engine with good quality and place it in your vehicle.

About Hyundai Motors:

US market in 1986. In 2007, the Hyundai Company was ranked 5th largest auto manufacturers in the world. Through this, we can clearly understand the enormous development of the automobile company. Though the company was established in South Korea, Seoul, it has extended its entry worldwide in a short span. Unlike Hyundai, other auto manufacturers in the USA launched cars with high pricing. But this automaker was a little different. Hyundai launched Excel model cars into the US market in February 1986. Within a very short time that is within 7 months more than 100,000 Excel models were sold successfully.

The Hyundai Excel model was soon reported for many faults and thus the reputation of Hyundai started to decline. And so, the first wave of Hyundai's entry into the US market failed miserably. However the company never stopped its hard work and efforts. The Korean automaker started to invest more on quality, improvements in design and make. The company committed for a 10 years warranty period or nearly 100,000 miles powertrain warranty. No other automobile company guaranteed for this warranty. Soon the Hyundai Motors started to regain its reputation in the second wave of car launches. By this way, the company kept its foot strongly in the US market.

Few Time Saving Tips to Choose the Correct Used Hyundai Engine:

  • Instead of just buying the used Hyundai engine from the mechanic or private seller, purchase from a reputed dealer. There are many perks in buying a used engine from reliable dealers - you can enjoy the benefits of warranty coverage, extended warranty, free shipping after purchase, good return policy. The private sellers will have only few options but when you choose a good dealer, you can select the used engine with good condition and with less mileage specification. Moreover the dealer will show transparency in sales, he will not showcase the old engines by coating new polish to it. And at the end of the day, you will be happy with the product you get from a reliable dealer.
  • Is it necessary to check the warranty of the used engine before purchase? "Yes" it is required to enquire about the warranty coverage that the dealer can offer. Some unreliable dealers will sell the used Hyundai engines for low cost but with just 30 days of warranty. They get the engine components from some wrecking yard and sell to the customers. Though customers feel happy about the good deal initially, they suffer from used engine problems within a few months of purchase. We offer nearly 30 to 180 days of warranty therefore, in case of any problem with the purchased engine, you can get rectified by our experts for free of cost.
  • Tips to inspect the used Hyundai engine before purchasing it - Note the VIN of your vehicle and also have the maintenance record handy before approaching the dealer. If you don't know what exactly a VIN number is, it is a set of numericals that is given by the engine manufacturers to identify that particular engine. The VIN numbers are engine identification numbers and so instead of briefly describing the engine type, its shape and features - tell the VIN number to the dealer. And so you can get the exact match as a replacement for your Hyundai engine.
  • Secondly, there are two types of used engines available in the market – completely assembled used engines and separate used engine components which requires assembling assistance. It is always good to buy the completely assembled used Hyundai engines because it saves your time and energy. You may not be aware of the techniques to assemble the engine components and so you must check each and every step from the user manual and do it manually. This is really a daunting task to do, and so leave this job to the hands of experts. Moreover after purchase, you must ask the dealer for installation assistance.
  • Reliable dealers will surely understand the troubles in self installation and so they will arrange for experts to guide you through the process. We, at also help you through the process of installation.
  • Many dealers will say about the return policy, but the problem is – whether the return policy is really helping? After purchase, few dealers won’t accept a return and they bargain for exchange of used engines. Therefore get clear clarification from the dealer about the return policy. We offer 30 days of return policy, if you are not satisfied with the product then you can return within 30 days.

Why to Purchase Used Hyundai Engines at

  • Hyundai has launched enormous car models with "N" number of engine specifications. You cannot directly classify the Hyundai engines into two types - diesel and petrol engines. In depth, the engine specifications are countless which must be noted while buying a used Hyundai engine. If the engine's specifications go wrong then you may end up in buying a different used Hyundai engine model that doesn't suit your vehicle. Anyway, you need not panic on thinking about this situation as our experts in will assist you throughout the used engine purchasing process. You can get assistance from them, if you are not aware about the engine's specifications.
  • Through our website, you can save plenty of time that you spent in searching the right physical store or online portals that supply the high quality used engines. Sometimes, you will end up in confusion and headache whether your searching process is right or not. You may not know the location of used engine suppliers. Spotting the location, checking the engine quality, bargaining with them for cost and free shipping is overwhelming. But on the other side, within fraction of seconds, you can fill the requirements in our portal and give the details about your vehicle. And that’s it; you will come closer to the next step of purchase with us.
  • Stress-Free Option: Buying used Hyundai engines in our online portal is hassle-free and keeps you away from stress. You cannot keep your vehicle at rest for a longer time, without fixing the engine. You might want the vehicle to run on roads as early as possible and we understand that completely. And so, is the stress-free option for purchasing the used Hyundai engine of your choice. Just imagine this scenario - You are visiting a physical store who sells used engines but you are not satisfied with the product quality or specification or price then you must search and locate the other shop. And if that shop is not going to work-out for you then another. Don’t you think this is an exhausting job? Hence smartly choose the stress-free shopping of used engines with us.
  • As said earlier, Hyundai engines are available with plenty of variations and technical updates for each vehicle variant. In our place, you are not limited with one or two choices to select the used engines. You can pick the right engine from many choices. Thus do not limit your selection process by just checking few used engines' quality. Come to our niche; choose the best used Hyundai engine for your choice and specifications.
  • You can directly contact us through 1-888-464-3404 or visit us in 9513 Coney Island, ELK Grove, CA 95758. If in case of any queries contact us via email -

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